Re: [Evolution-hackers] Patch tool

Ralf Engels wrote:
Hi guys,
Just finished some hacking for evolution.

And now my problem:
It took some time testing so the official branch is now somewhat
different from my old checked out resources.
And in addition I fixed two seperate problems (again) and would like to
split up the patch.

This means that the patch between the new cvs and my original checkout
has 14000 lines and I would also need to split up the "real" changes
into two different patches.

How are you doing this?
Is there a tool to help me. Going through the patch by hand is rather

If you're working in a directory checked out of CVS, "cvs diff -u" will only show the delta created by you and not the changes that happened in the repository.

Splitting  one patch into multiple ones is harder.... :-P


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