Re: [Evolution-hackers] About mail-composer's keyborad navigation

On 31 Mar 2006, at 23:50, guenther wrote:

I find that when we navigation the mail-composer window with keyboard,
the toolbar between "Subject" line and mail body will never get the
focus. I knew someone complained about focusing toolbar, because user
cannot easily enough go to the body. But through the follow
link( keyboard.html) we should make the toolbar focusable, and it is easily to make a patch
for this. What should we fix this?

Oh hell, please, no. :-)

Everything inside the formatting toolbar is accessible via the menu and
its shortcuts, most of them even have an accelerator. That formatting
toolbar never should get focus by tab cycling, IMHO.

While you are typing a mail (let's assume HTML) and want to bold some
part, just use Alt-M S B, or even simpler Ctrl-B. (Well, or use the
mouse, which likely was used anyway to select the part that's going to
be formatted.)

Now imagine the formatting toolbar would be accessible using the Tab
key. That would be like 10 (ten!) times hitting Shift-Tab, then Space to
toglle it, and 10 times hitting Tab to get back to the body. Would
anyone seriously even consider this?

This isn't how toolbar keynav is supposed to work. It's designed to work like panel keynav, in that the toolbar itself is in the Tab chain, not every control on the toolbar. Once a toolbar has focus, you use the arrow keys to focus items on the toolbar, space to select/ activate them, and [Shift]-Tab to move focus out of the toolbar again.

This is standard gtk behaviour these days AFAIK (see http://, so if Evo isn't doing it, we're delivering an inconsistent desktop experience wrt accessibility.


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