[Evolution-hackers] Exchange and webdav


I'm the developer of pop2owa (pop2owa.sf.net) that is a proxy between
a pop/SMTP client and Exchange server using Outlook Web Access (OWA)
using WebDAV.

The software have some bugs and I need some help to fix it. I'm
interested in technical questions, and docs, about evolution-exchange
plug in.

The source code in C it's hard to me (my project is in Visual Basic)
and I need help in some questions.

-I get the msg body using the e:textdescription of the XML. I base64
encoded msgs, OWA send me the it in plain text, I need to ignore the
d:content-transfer-encoding value.
It's the correct way to get the msg body?
It's poible using WebDAV get the RAW message (in rfc1939 format)?

For example. When the server can't send a message, return the mail
with a ATTACH_EMBEDDED_MSG. I can't get this embedded msg ¿any tip to
get this with WebDav?

Un saludo
Carlos Garcés

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