Re: [Evolution-hackers] message list for folder

On Wednesday 02 November 2005 07:29, Not Zed wrote:

> > you get get a list of all the messages in a folder yes. All you need to
> > do is get the CamelFolderSummary and you will further get a list of
> > CamelMessageInfos from it.
> Wrong, CamelFolderSummary is a private object of the folder.  You only
> get the messageinfo's from the CamelFolder methods.
> Igor: read the docs on Camel Store.
It works for one folder(with uri). Thanks.
But how can I get all folders in system(I want do list/tree of folders)? I 
need any uri for creation CamelStore. Can I get uri for mail storing in 
system? May be any function in Evolution.

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