[Evolution-hackers] Re: Bogofilter junk plugin

В Втр, 08/11/2005 в 11:32 +0530, Vivek Jain пишет:
> > http://people.altlinux.ru/~mhz/software/projects/bf-eplugin/bf-eplugin-0.1.0.tar.gz
> > 
> > As of Evolution 2.4.0, the definition file for the stock junk filter
> > plugin, 'org-gnome-sa-junk-plugin.eplug', must be removed from the
> > plugin directory to avoid conflict with any alternate junk plugin.
> > Simply disabling the SA plugin in the configuration UI won't avail. This
> > is due to a flaw in the loading code for this hook type (see GNOME bug
> > #313096).
> > 
> This bug has been fixed now, it would be nice if its in the upstream
> (2.5) so that everybody can use it. Later we can consider it to be a
> default too.

You mean, if I could commit my plugin into the Evolution source tree?
I'd be delighted to, although I'll need to perform necessary makefile
adjustments to make it a subdirectory, sans the standalone configure

As to making it the default. There are pros:
- fast and nimble, no monstrous pre-forked Perl daemon eating memory;
- very effective if trained well.

And cons:
- uses a single classification method -- no flexibility, no online
- requires initial training to function properly.

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