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This is a short status report on the evolution-brutus (e-b for short)
add-on for Evolution 2.4. It has progressed a lot since the last status

What is e-b?

e-b is an add-on to Evolution 2.4 which provides access to Extended MAPI
and therefore to Exchange 5.5, 2000 and 2003 on an equal basis. The
access is provided by a Brutus server, which is a proxy translating MAPI
request to/from corresponding CORBA requests. Brutus is distributed
under the GPLv2 or later.

And the difference to evolution-exchange is?

Please see the first status report:



The functional state of e-b is that it is capable of getting a reference
to a remote IMAPISession object and using it. Online browsing of folders
in the remote Exchange mailbox is functional, but not completely done. 

Downloads and screenshots

You can follow the download link below to get an installation binary for
Brutus Server.

You can get the latest Brutus source release (0.9.20) here:


Screenshot of e-b:


Screenshot of sample client:



e-b build documentation and usage information is in
"brutus/idl/products/evolution/2.4/docs", generic sample applications
are in "brutus/idl/samples".

Feedback, comments and questions are welcome.

Best regards,

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