Re: [Evolution-hackers] [Fwd: Re: Community Service]

On Fri, 2005-10-28 at 16:45 +0200, Dave Neary wrote:
> Hi all,
> Anyone prepared to take him under their wing for a project to do with 
> Evolution? He's on a deadline, since he has also lined up a fall-back 
> project, and needs to give them an answer by next Wednesday one way or 
> another.
> Thanks,
> Dave

Hey all,

I am just looking at the idea's Andrew has proposed. I really like the
idea of a RSS feed aggregator for Evolution. His proposal looks like he
has done some good research on how it 
should be accomplished and most of them look about right. So i would say
"lets go for it :-)"

I would like to volunteer to guide Andrew accomplish these tasks.

Useful links for context

p.s: Sorry for the delay in replying. We are in a middle of a festive
season in India so mails have taken a back seat in the last few days.


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