[Evolution-hackers] [CAMEL] CamelFolderInfo clarification please...


I think that I know how to interpret CamelFolderInfo but I would really
appreciate to have my understanding confirmed in the context of

CamelFolderInfo is declared as:

typedef struct _CamelFolderInfo {
	struct _CamelFolderInfo *next;
	struct _CamelFolderInfo *parent;
	struct _CamelFolderInfo *child;

	char *uri;
	char *name;
	char *full_name;

	guint32 flags;
	guint32 unread;
	guint32 total;
} CamelFolderInfo;

get_folder_info() is declared as:

static CamelFolderInfo*
brutus_get_folder_info(CamelStore *store, 
		       const char *top,
		       guint32 flags, 
		       CamelException *ex);

My understanding is:

next: A pointer to a CamelFolderInfo structure for the next folder on
the same tree-level as the current one. The current folder is "top".

parent: If "top" is NULL then parent is NULL too. If "top" is non-NULL
then parent is a pointer to the CamelFolderInfo structure for the folder
containing "top"

child: This one is the one I am mostly confused about. I think that it
is an array of pointers to CamelFolderInfo structures of all folders
which is contained within "top". The array is terminated with NULL.

uri: A string based upon the Camel.Service uri and the full folder name.
Its format is otherwise totally unspecified except that it must uniquely
identify a given folder. It does not seem to be used anywhere else in
Camel. Design oversight?

name: A basename()-ish version of full_name.

full_name: An absolute path to "top".

flags: Flags describing "top".

unread: The number of unread message objects in "top".

total: The total number of message objects in "top".

Could someone please confirm that my interpretation is correct?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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