Re: [Evolution-hackers] Python plugin interface?

On 5/20/05, Alessandro Decina <alessandro nnva org> wrote:
> I wrote an Eplug python loader. It actually calls python methods on an
> handler class like the mono loader. At the moment it adds build
> dependencies on CPython and PyGTK but I am considering to move the one
> on PyGTK at runtime.

Sorry for my relative ignorance here, but would this allow me to
create a complete EPlugin in Python with PyGTK?

The main reason I ask, is that I am interested in extending Evolution
in a few niche projects, but I would really want to do it in Python as
opposed to C/C++. I left C/C++ when I left KDE. :P

> The preliminary code is (almost) working.
> The loader works right now. I am going to write the .py glue code to
> remove the build dep on PyGTK and some utility code (such as
> automatic .eplug generation).
> I will post the patch again HEAD shortly.

This looks interesting. Will you be writing a sample plugin to get
people started?


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