Re: [Evolution-hackers] ANNOUNCE : Evolution 2.3.2 Release : Compile GAL problem

Paul Hands wrote:
When compiling GAL, I get this error a couple of times.....

e-categories-master-list-array.c:34:37: gal/util/e-util-private.h: No such file or directory

I got it in e-util.c first, commented the include line for e-util-private.h, and make carried on to the above. My question is : Is that file necessary, because it's not in the archive, or is there a configure option to turn it off?


  Hi Paul,
          I see the same symptoms; I found it ieasier to create a dummy
header file of that name.
  But then when I get to e-d-s I have a similar problem:
    ./db_int.hh:461:24: error: db_int_def.h No such file or directory

   So I touch db_int_def.h, and it seems to be compiling...

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