[Evolution-hackers] Thursday - EPlugin Hackfest

Hi Everyone,

We're planning to have another EPlugin hackfest this Thursday, this is just some early notice and call for ideas.  It is now to the point we can hopefully start getting some stand-alone plugins going outside of the Evolution source tree.  The next release of Evolution should install enough of the mail api headers to be useful now - although you may still need a CVS install to get access to these headers for now.

Some useful information to get started:


The manual is slightly out of date, but not much, and it covers the basics fairly well.

As for ideas on what to hack on - i'm drawing a blank so far, but there is an eplugin keyword on bugzilla:


But most of the items there don't make sense or aren't really suitable for EPlugins.  Perhaps someone can scan the bug system looking for more suitable ones?

More information should follow before Thursday.


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