[Evolution-hackers] Attachment UI Improvements

For some reason, the menus patch ended up attached to this, and so the
previous attempt to send it out yesterday, resulted in the mail getting
stuck in the moderation queue. Here it is again, without that patch


Nat and I just had a little discussion on ways to improve the UI for
attachments in Evolution. We came up with the following quick list of
items, and other things can probably be done. It would be nice to get
several of these done for 2.4. The composer fixes are especially
important, I think.

  - Show attachment area if attachments are added (get rid of expander)
  - Fix Drag'n'Drop of files to Composer
  - Add support for attaching remote files via gnome-vfs

  - Use attachment icon list area for display instead of buttons
  - Make "Save All Attachments" easier to access
  - Keep inline display of Images, text/patches, vcards, appointments
  - Scale down images to fit within the display area better
  - Add slideshow support (Mail.app in Tiger has this)

-- dobey

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