[Evolution-hackers] exchange 5.5 partial solution

Hi All
Hii have a 'flow' which allow me to accept/deny an outlook generated
meeting in my evolution. it is not a well written tool i'm feeling
really bad sending it as is. i wish i could put some more effort and
clean it up. but we are moving forward to a newer exchage so i better
publish it now.

It has the above capability only i.e. accept/reject an outlook
generatedmeeting in my local evolution calendar.
and it has a long list of limitations: 
* Meeting are assumed to be in Jerusalem time zone and in English
* A meeting should be accepted only once. 
* No sync with 'my' exchange account. i.e. when accepting a meeting
'my' exchange calendar DB is not aware to the 'busy time' and the
meeting behind it.
* No ability to accept a meeting with re occurrence. 
* No ability to accept a meeting which was generated in HTML exchange
since such meeting requests do not have meeting actual time on them.
*It was tested on linux only, and require xemacs - u r welcome to
replace it with sendmail.

How to install: save the attached owaMsg.csh somewhere, and make sure it has 
chmod +x. edit the owaMsg.csh file and set your email and user name. 

within you evolution create a local folder to hold processed meeting
request originals, i called this folder MOWA
Add a filter to your evolution mail reader. my rule is again called MOWA : 
   The 'if' section should have two criterias: it should process
messages which contain

"When:" and "*~*~*~*"

   The 'Then' section has again two tasks, first it move the message
to the MOWA folder for archiving, and second it forward the message to
a shell script owaMsg.csh

Now you are ready to use it:when ever you receive a meeting invitation
to your inbox, evolution automatically forward it back to you as an
ics meeting requests, if that does not happen simply select an
incoming outlook request and press CTL-y to activate your filters on

once your receive the ics meeting request, you can choose to
accept/deny it and it will automaticallyupdate your evolution calender
and inform the originator. if you do not wish to inform the originator
de-checkthe RSVP check box before accepting the ics.
once you accept a meeting  i would recommend  to delete the ics invitation.

Attachment: owaMsg.csh
Description: C-Shell script

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