[Evolution-hackers] inline gpg support bounty


I have half an idea that I might have a go at attempting the inline gpg
support bounty for Evolution (Bug #127521) seeing as the current attempt
seems to have stalled with only send support implemented. 

After spending an hour or two reading bug reports (#17540, #17541 in
particular) about this issue, and some old mailing list posts, I'm very
cautious about proceeding as there seems to be a great deal of hidden
complexity in this issue. So my current strategy is this post, to get an
up to date idea of where this is at and what might be possible. 

1) There are (incomplete) patches attached to bug #127521, however
nothing has been done since then and a post by Not Zed at the time
stated they weren't going to be applied anytime soon. 

The only other posts / bugs from after May 2004 that I can find related
to this issue, and ranty posts from dissatisfied users :P

Can I safely assume the previous attempt has stalled and there is not
any current work in this area?

2) Required Support
The bounty lists the require functionality as "support of inline-pgp"
emails, with an extension of allowing them to be sent. 

Given that there seems to be widespread agreement that inline pgp is
broken fairly fundamentally, would a patch that only implemented
decryption / viewing support of received messages be acceptable?

3) Chance of Inclusion
Should I manage to come up with a patch to support viewing of inline-pgp
messages, that addressed the issues raised so far (ie nested inlines
etc), and assuming other prerequisites (ie coding style, copyright
stuff) were satisified, would this be a candidate for inclusion into
Evolution or have their been developments since the posting of the
bounty that would preclude this?

If the answer to the three questions is affirmative, then I'm reasonable
keen to at least have a whack at solving this problem. 

Look forward to your responses. 

Kind Regards

Matt Brown
matt mattb net nz
Mob +64 275 611 544 www.mattb.net.nz

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