[Evolution-hackers] Attachment UI

Hey guys,

I have done some improvements to the attachment view and i have attached
the screenshot of that. 

http://gnomebangalore.org/~sragavan/Screenshot-am1.png (unfolded view)
http://gnomebangalore.org/~sragavan/Screenshot-am2.png (default view)

In a mime tree, it picks up the leaf parts that are pure attachments,
and not data/txt/message.

It just consumes a single line of space, in the folded mode and it is
the default, which has a "Save All" button, which also displays the
number of attachments. (Currently the screenshot shows a hard coded
string). The slideshow can just be another button next to this.

The existing tree view continues and so this provides the unified view
of attachments of the entire mail for easy/quick access.

please respond back.


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