[Evolution-hackers] Querying Evolution with a contact's UID

Howdy -

Recently I upgraded from Fedora Core 3 to FC4 and with it got a more
recent Evolution and evolution-data-server (1.2.2).  Something seems to
have changed with the UID querying; for example, I used to be able to
get a particular contact via its UID by running a query like this:

EBookQuery* q = e_book_query_from_string(g_strdup_printf ("(is \"id\"
\"%s\")", uid));

where uid is a char* containing "pas-id-42248B0B00000000" or some such.
Now I always get a empty GList back from that kind of query - I even get
an empty GList back if I do a simple "contains" query on the id, i.e.,
"contains 'id' '0'".  

I can get all the contact UIDs by doing a
e_book_query_any_field_contains(""), but that seems like a waste rather
than being able to just query on the UID field.

Any ideas? 

Many thanks,


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