Re: [Evolution-hackers] Hang with custom-built 2.0.3 after selecting geographic region

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 13:16 -0600, Albert Chin wrote:
> ... Evolution
> launches and starts the setup wizard. After making my way to the
> screen to select the geographic region, I click the 'Forward' button
> and then Evolution hangs. I am sure this is my fault as a result of
> the changes I've made. What should happen after this screen? Is it
> trying to find some file to load to move on to the next step?

This looks like which
we've also had reported on the Gentoo bugzilla as 

A patch exists, although it looks to have only been tested by it's


Mike Gardiner (Obz)
------------------- #gentoo-desktop
obz gentoo org

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