Re: [Evolution-hackers] EPlugin, export mail folder, Update!

> What sort of directory structure?
well, the same as one got in ~/evolution/local/ starting with the mbox,
Inbox, and if it got subfolders they're under Inbox.sbd etc. eh you
know :) 

> Well you can do all this in code easily, without running any system
> commands. 
Really? were would i look to see examples of that/those functions?!
i grep:ed for ".sbd" but didnt get anything worthy out of it. 

> I'd probably suggest generating a cpio archive of this structure, then
> you compress that in one go.  You get better compression, and you get
> a file that can be manipulated using existing tools.  cpio works a bit
> better with pipes and so on than tar might, and tar is possibly less
> portable across different platforms. 
Okey, well to be honest have i never used cpio. so at the Moment i think
ill look for a tar sollution, but i figgured, since at the moment im
thinking about doing this with a system() thing, one could do an
execution of a custom string. 

Like this :
(um yeah, the middle button is "preferences")

im not to good with the gui stuff so any suggestions/pointers is always
welcomed. :)

hm just remembered, the screens arent really as i planed them to be,
sine the compression is going to be on the exported folder, not
~/evolution .. but you get the idea...


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