[Evolution-hackers] New sanity and menu reorganization test cases for evolution2.5.2

I have automated some test cases for Evolution 2.5.2 . The test cases
that i have
listed below are available in the attachment along this, please have a
look at them and send me your comments.

i) Basic sanity scripts
    a) Tasks - creating,modifying,deleting normal/assigned task and
creating a task list.
    b) Appointments (with attachments and recursion) - creating/modifying
ii) Menu-reorganization
    a) Folders - creating/renaming/deleting/copying/moving/mark all read
    b) Message - Open in new window, new message from existing one,
        traverse mails ( goto ->next read,nextunred...)
    c) File - All items in the file->new submenu, preview a mail,
print a mail, work offline.

Question: How can I optimise code better than the compiler?
Answer: If you ask, then you can't.


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