Re: [Evolution-hackers] Feedback from Slashdot

> On Wed, 2005-12-07 at 15:08 +1100, Martin Sevior wrote:
>> I fully agree with with the following two points:
>> 1. Evolution deletes mail by putting it into a virtual folder and hiding
>> the original message in your inbox. This is ok and seamless to the end
>> user UNLESS you happen to also use webmail. In which case your inbox
>> will be cluttered by messages you thought you'd gotten rid of ages ago.
>> The evolution team has flat out refused to address this issue and has
>> been calling this 'not a bug' (which is true) since 2001.
> If the webmail system is displaying messages which are quite clearly
> marked as deleted, that's a bug in the webmail system.  If I delete a
> message in Evolution (which then gets striked out as I have Hide Deleted
> Message unchecked), when I view the same folder with Mutt the deleted
> messages are marked as Pending Delete.  Exactly what is expected.  If
> you want Evolution to really delete all pending messages when it quits,
> select Empty Trash On Exit.
>> 2. Same as above but for Junk Mail.
>> I use evolution as my primary email system but sometimes I have to use
>> webmail. When I do, all the nicely identified and hidden spam reappears
>> in both webmail and evolution.
> From a guess it sounds like the webmail client is resetting flags it
> doesn't understand.  Again, the solution is to empty the Junk folder.

Don't shoot the messenger. I use evolution. Here is what bugs me and
someone who is in aposition to recommend evolution over a rival.

I'm just telling you these are real annoyances.

For instance. I often leave evolution running 24 hours a day on my
workstation at work because then it nicely filters incoming emails into
real imap folders.

Junk mail does not get filtered into a real imap folder so as soon as I
connect with my webmail client, spam gets splattered back into my inbox.

If close evo when I leave work I have to manually move emails around with
the web client and I get the spam as well.

So this is a real annoyance and blaming a user because the software is
screwing them is not the way to make a world-beating product.

It is not like you have to second guess the user. 99.9% of the time they
NEVER want to see the spam again (or at all).



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