[Evolution-hackers] Re: camel-private.h not installed

On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 09:03 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> Hmm, well "private" gives a hint as to why it isn't ...
> But I guess there are certainly locks that implementations need to use
> (this wasn't always the case) from it.
> I'm not sure how to get around this, I don't want it installed though.

Right now I am doing something like:

#include </home/evo/work/src/evolution-data-server/camel/camel-private.h>

which is awkward, to say the least, and not really an option for
distributed code.

Access to a locking mechanism for externally developed components is
really necessary unless they should use homegrown solutions, which is
not an option either I guess.

I am really not qualified at all to hack on some way to extract the
"to-be-public" parts of "camel-private.h". I would bet a really big part
of my right arm that much in Evolution depend on hard to spot properties
of the current implementation.
Any suggestions?


> On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 13:30 +0200, Jules Colding wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > Shouldn't "camel-private.h" be installed along the other Camel headers?
> > A lot of locking macros depend on it.
> > 

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