[Evolution-hackers] IMAP4REV1

We need to make a decision about imap4rev1.

We can either:
 Leave it there, maybe add a warning about how buggy it is.  We're well
beyond string freeze though.

 Leave it there, but hack the code in nasty ways so that you can't
create new accounts using it.  Its a messy nasty hack.

 Remove it from the build entirely, and then add new migration code to
switch it to the older 'imap' implementation, or some other equivalent
switch over mechanism.  The folder paths, foldernames, cache, summary
files, are all probably so different as to make this a lot of work.

 Do nothing, don't make a decision.

Anything other than removing it then needs another decision on whether
we fix any bugs in the code or not.

adfa(evolution-2.4:20087): gtkhtml-WARNING **: cannot find icon:
'stock_insert-url' in gnome 

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