[Evolution-hackers] Adding a new server type... How?


I have been looking at the various documentation in the source and on
go-evolution.org, but I simply can not find the "How to add a new server
type in 10 easy steps" document :-)

I am about to do just that to current cvs HEAD, but I would be really
grateful if someone, who has done this before, could help me get started
in the right direction. I can imagine that it would take me a lot of
effort to get started on my own.

What should I look for, are there any pitfalls or experiences that you
would like to share?

The server type in question is session oriented and able to do
calendaring, addressbook, mail, notes, task and so on, so I would really
appreciate any help getting started. 

Thanks a lot in advance,

Jules Colding
PGP Public Key: 6266E7B7

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