[Evolution-hackers] contact component fix proposal

When an address is entered that matches multiple things in the contacts
database, and the user presses "enter", the address should be selected
and an index marker should be set where the cursor last was.

If the user realizes that they've made a mistake and back up over the
comma, the cursor should go back to where it was, and the addresses that
were selectable at that time will reappear.

This will solve two problems:

1) when the user presses enter, they normally expect what they selected
to stay selected.  When they type something new, they expect to be
entering a NEW address, not modifying the one that was already selected.

2) if the user accidentally selects an (incorrect) address, they are
going to want to modify the address they just completed.  When they
backspace over the comma, they will be placed back in edit mode where
they left off.

Please discuss,


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