[Evolution-hackers] Connector 2.0.0 ./configure can't find Kerberos?

Silly question -- is there a particular way that I
need to ./configure Connector to get it to recognize a
Kerberos installation? I've tried --with-krb5 with
itself, and I've tried --with-krb5-libs combined with
--with-krb5-includes, but neither works.

I'm building Connector 2.0.0 on RedHat 7.3 with a
custom-built GNOME 2.2 installation and the other
Evolution/Connector dependencies all installed to the
same place -- $install_dir -- so I'm trying to build
Connector as:

./configure \
  --prefix=$install_dir \
  --with-openldap=$install_dir \
  --with-krb5-libs=$install_dir/lib \

I also tried with:

./configure \
  --prefix=$install_dir \
  --with-openldap=$install_dir \

In either case, ./configure fails with:

checking for Kerberos 5... no
configure: error: Could not find krb5. Install krb5 or
heimdal packages.

I've tried installing both MIT Kerberos
(krb5-1.3.5.tar.gz) and Heimdal Kerberos
(heimdal-0.6.3.tar.gz), but while either of them
install just fine (./configure --prefix=$install_dir ;
make ; make install), Connector doesn't seem to be
able to recognize their installation in $install_dir.

I checked in the Connector source dir for any useful
docus, but came up empty. Has anyone built Kerberos
manually, followed by Connector manually? What steps
did you follow?


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