[Evolution-hackers] FBURL property not used for meeting planning in HEAD

I've tried to play around with the code for FBURL handling code in
Evolution. I wanted to test it, but in my build from CVS, Evolution
doesn't seem to fetch free/busy information form the FBURL at all. In
the 1.4 version, however, free/busy information is properly fetched
from the correct URL. The problem isn't related to my patches, since I
haven't applied them yet.

Does someone know what has happened to the free/busy code since 1.4?
I'm not yet so much into the code that I can tell from viewcvs.


Øystein Gisnås <oysteigi stud ntnu no>
University of Auckland, Department of Computer Science
Mob: (+64) 211131605 - Ph: (+64) 99740168 - MSN: oysteing hotmail com

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