[Evolution-hackers] new calendar dialog in evolution

I've been working on adding EPlugin hooks to the calendars in Evolution,
and have run into a bit of a conundrum regarding the "new calendar"

Right now, the new calendar dialog contains hard-coded (well, gladed)
widgets for the URI and refresh associated with http calendars (and
potentially other backends). The issue here is that when creating a new
calendar, it's unknown what fields plugins will want to add, based on
the type of the calendar. For example, if the source is http, the webcal
plugin will want to add a URI and refresh field. For the weather backend
I've been working on, it'll have location and refresh. Who knows what
other backends will need.

So far, the best idea is a two-stage dialog (if plugins want additional
information, they can pop up a second window), but this seems crummy.
Having the actual fields change based on the selected source seems even

So, I'm fishing for ideas. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


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