[Evolution-hackers] Mailing list actions plugin


I did some work on the mailing list actions plugin, and I've come up
with this:


I'd like to hear comments on this. I have a couple of questions, too:

After some trying I finally succeeded in getting menu items to show up,
but for that I needed to define the menu items in both the eplug file
and the xml file. Can I go without the XML file, or is it nessecary?

I haven't succeeded in getting popups to show at all. Any examples of
how to use them? I assume the eplug part is mostly the same, but how
about entering them in the XML file?

And what should I do with filenames? Hardcoding the XML file name in the
eplug file doesn't seem very nice; is there some kind of search path for
XML files? What's the idea with this code, anyway? Will it get into the
Evo CVS eventually (so the eplug file could be generated
by ./configure)?

 -- meilof wanadoo nl

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