[Evolution-hackers] usage of C in evolution


I have not looked at evolution 1.5 source tree, so maybe my message is

but I just lost like 20 hours trying to debug the
evolution-vcard-importer component in 1.4.6-2...

and it is deadly slow, because:

-It is a bonobo component, and it is hard to debug it, because I find no
way to start one in gdb, and to make evolution connect to it, etc.
-It is written in C!!!!!!

My question is: it is nice to have a CORBA abstraction layer between
frontend and backend components, but why write these backend components
in C? 

--> I think python would be much more suitable for that task: dev would
be 10 times faster, and debugging 10 times cheaper. 

I perfectly understand that for performance reason, some core graphical
components, or some heavily used algortim must run natively, but we can
wrap them to use python as glue...

look at gnucash: the user interface is pretty good in my opinion, and
they do it like this: core UI components in C, wrapped using G-Wrap, and
glued with Guile (GNU Extension Language)...so that all business logic
is really easy to understand and to debug!!!!

Any opinions? 

I am about to re-write the evolution-vcard-importer process in python...


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