[Evolution-hackers] Evolution Connector for OGO and Exchange

Hi there,

we currently have a heavy discussion going on on the Evolution OGO
Connector mailling list.

Since ximian released the connector for exchange it would be possible to
reuse it as connector for OGO since the use a common base for

The main discussion is about the evo 1.5 release.

The problems which are currently discussed are:

If we make changes to the sources is the evolution group interested in
including theses changes. Which would mean that we have a dual
exchange/ogo connector. or at least something like an ogo-compatibility

The other idea was to fork the tree and build the ogo connector on the
exchange connector sources. Which would mean that any changes coming
from the exchange connector would be lost for ogo and vice versa.

Also AFAIK the exchange connector for 1.5 is currently not complete so
we would need to wait until the source tree is somewhat stable.

hopefully you have some (positive) comments on that :-)


Jens Reimann <ctron dentrassi de>
ICQ: 119027938

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