Re: [Evolution-hackers] broken search patch

Actually I was slightly wrong about the toplevel not setting up widgets.
But no matter.  I've gotten rid of the two duplicated windows in the
glade file, and done the label manually.  Also, the label isn't set
anywhere in the base implementation, since it isn't specifically for
searches, its just only used for that right now.

On Wed, 2004-03-31 at 16:46 +0800, Not Zed wrote:
> I've reverted this patch.
> It's the wrong approach, and also breaks the design for that code.  The
> top-level entry point isn't supposed to be setting up any widgets.  Not
> to mention cutting and pasting a whole tree of objects to change a
> single label isn't the right way to do things either.
> A patch review might've helped save this wasted effort.
> 2004-03-30  Rodney Dawes  <dobey ximian com>
>         * filter-editor.c (filter_editor_new): Use the new
> "filter_editor"
>         that has been added to the glade file
>         * Remove an unused piece of UI definition and add
> a
>         new "filter_editor" that is the same as rule_editor, only for
> the
>         filter editor dialogs, and change "Filter Rules" to "Search
> Rules"
>         in the rule_editor
>         * rule-editor.c (rule_editor_new): Set the child widget of the
> editor
>         dialog appropriately
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