Re: [Evolution-hackers] gtk2.4 advanced file selection integration?

BTW, I think there are plans afoot to move to the gnome 2.6 platform, so
we might not need to worry about having two cases everywhere.  JP?

On Fri, 2004-03-12 at 17:11 +0800, Grahame Bowland wrote:

> On Thu, 2004-03-11 at 09:21 -0800, Thomas Duffy wrote:
> > Any chance of seeing gtk2.4 advanced file selection dialog integration
> > in Evolution 2.0?  I notice it is not in 1.5.5.
> This struck me as something I could try and do - patch attached that
> makes e-dialog-utils.c use the new dialog if it is compiled against Gtk
> >= 2.3.0.
> Seems to work for me - the easiest place to test it is right-clicking on
> a calender entry and choosing "Save as..". 
> I've only converted over this one spot to use it, for now. If this patch
> is OK, I'll volunteer to port over the other three or four spots that
> would need touching to use the new dialog. I have CVS access, so let me
> know if you want me to commit.
> (Would you guys like me to get rid of the gtk_main() stuff in the code
> for the old dialog? It's been established talking to NotZed on IRC that
> it's not needed any more.)
> Have fun
> Grahame

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