[Evolution-hackers] So the day is here again

Hello all,
And I mean another bugday. 
First I want to give a big thank you to Andre Klapper (regular
participant of Evolution list) for the splendid work he has being doing
in what now is a bug week for him, testing, commenting and closing on
around 30 bugs since last bugday.
Also, a distinguished participation by Enver Altin and Steven Ottens,
who also worked pretty hard on triage on bugdays and after. Thank you
very much.

Then I maybe should bug some of the veterans I'm missing in bugdays by
naming them: skadz, torkel, dave, guenther (yeah, quite busy, but you
reserve your little spare time for reporting new bugs, give me a
break!), Lonnie, Tonye... all of you have demonstrated skills and a lot
of experience using Evo, so why not give the community the gift of your
knowledge and time by triaging a few bugs this time?

As every Thursday, I'll be waiting for you on irc.gnome.org#evolution,
from 9:00 to 19:00 CST. Enjoy with us!

Gerardo Marin
Ximian Evolution Bugmaster

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