Re: [Evolution-hackers] #55299: Can't change several attachment property in Mail

On Tue, 2004-03-09 at 14:12 -0500, Rodney Dawes wrote:
> AFAIK, this sets the disposition: inline part of the attachment code. It
> is the only useful option out of the 4, when selecting multiple
> attachments, since it means you can suggest that they all display
> automatically. It might not be a bad idea to move this into a
> checkbutton menu item, and out of the dialog, and just desensitize the
> "Properties" item, yet allow a "[ ] Suggest In-line Display" or
> something in the context menu.

I like the idea of moving this to a check button menu item and scrapping
the rest of the properties dialog as the dialog probably gets little to
no usage in the multiple select scenario.

Maybe the wording could get redone as well, "Display In-line with
Message" or something to that effect.  I'm guessing according to the RFC
it's just a "Suggestion", but I don't see any need to let the person
know that it's only a suggestion and there are non-standards compliant
mailers out there that might not follow this suggestion.

~ Bryan

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