[Evolution-hackers] Regarding a mail Exporter.

Hello Evolution-hackers!

I have been in touch with this subject earlier (it was some time ago, a
couple of months maby, i asked about a mail exporter).
Then i got a answer, that it was thought of, but not implemented..

So, to make a long story shorter, i created a patch to one of the
bounties, regarding the mailer. Though, i was pretty late :(

But, anyway, this was a carrot for me to learn about GTK-development and
also to learn abit about the Evolution-development. 
So, while i got things abit fresh in memmory, i thought that i could try
to create such an mail-exporter.. ie a thing that would move, and or Tar
a mail (sub)directory to another place for backup.

I come so far, that i kindof know where to put a function, handling the
exporting, from a right-click-folder menu.
Wich prompts a file-selector that wich you would point to the directory
where you want it exported.

(im thinking of then, adding a window, after one hit the OK button, that
would give you options to run it to a compression filter (ie, Tar it
Still im clueless on how to do the actual moving of files, the Evolution
way. I mean, i had a look on the importer things, but they are well
baked together with all the source all around..
My plan right now, temporary of course, just to get an working example,
is to make it run a system() call.. yes, ugly hack (TM).

And that my friends, is why im writing this.. 

Any ideas, any suggestions?!

Ps. bare with me, ive only been doing gtk development for a couple of
weeks (2-3) .. but i see alot of kindof-similarities to Java's Swing GUI
wich i know alot about doing stuff with. 

Ps. some constructive critisism : 
One or two lines of comments about what a function does, wouldnt hurt.
Why not do like, that if someone changes something in a function on the
CVS, that they add two lines of comments.. that way, it wouldnt be,
like, "oh, i got 50000 functions to write about, *sigh*" .. as an
example .. 

/* This function, handles the the user input, that is given
** from the file-selector window



/* This function, handles the the user input, that is given
** from the file-selector window


Makes it ALOT more friendly to new developers.. :)

My 2 cents are up. 

Best regards
/smurfd a.k.a.Nicklas Boman

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