[Evolution-hackers] the status bar and components as controls

I'm trying to get the status bar working in Connector again. It can't
work the way it used to, because the activity handler CORBA API is gone,
and it would be a total pain to hack it up again. So there are two easy

     1. Make the components export their status bars as separate
        controls in addition to exporting the views as separate controls
     2. Move the status bar into the view

1 would work fine, but part of the idea of the current thing is that
you're supposed to just be able to use BonoboWidget to create the view,
and it's all simple, and adding a second control starts to break that
(although not horribly...)

2 seems much simpler to me. You'd lose a little bit of status bar real
estate, but not a ton. Any objections to doing it this way?

-- Dan

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