[Evolution-hackers] Re: [Gtkhtml] [patch] Printing with Pango

On Sat, 2004-06-05 at 15:58 -0400, Owen Taylor wrote:
Here's a first draft of my patch to make gtkhtml print with Pango.
There's almost no new code here, it's just moving stuff around,
removing code that is no longer needed, and fixing up units.

Open questions:

 - Assuming that we can come up with a final patch, how do we get it
   into CVS? 
I would like to keep it on separate branch, say gnome-2-8, so that HEAD gtkhtml is the one required for HEAD evolution.

   The current plan is to get the changes in Pango and gnome-print
   released in time for the gnome-2.8 API/ABI freeze on July 19th,
   but a gnome-2.8 dependency may not fit in with Evolution plans.
I am Cc-ing evolution-hackers list to make sure there are no other plans.

   Would it be possible to branch early for a pre-GNOME-2.8 release
   and land these changes on HEAD? I think I and/or Dave Malcom
   could help port changes from stable => HEAD if necessary.

   In general, I think people would be really excited if they could
   print Indic languages for GNOME-2.8. (Unfortunately, bidi 
   languages still will be broken.)
Yes, your gnome-print work is really great news. The gtkhtml still needs some work to display RTL languages right, but it's pretty close (we need reorder pango items IIRC).


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