Re: [Evolution-hackers] The evolution of Evolution...

> > We don't. That's why we removed it. :) There are plenty RSS aggregators
> > outside of Evolution. We don't have the time to maintain the amount of
> > code it would need, either, as I understand.

It was more that (a) the summary didn't fit in as well in the new
layout, and (b) the existing code was kind of a mess.

> Well, I still think a good RSS aggregator would be a great feature. :)
> Even more, as it likely will follow the new tree structure (like in the
> Calendar with multiple calendars). The sparse RSS newsfeed in the
> Summary was pretty useless to me, unfortunately.

Well, this wouldn't be too hard for someone to implement. It could use
ESourceList like the calendar and addressbook do to maintain the list of
feeds and create the tree. Then it just needs to implement an
EvolutionShellComponent to get its button added to the component list,
and an EvolutionConfigControl to get into the Settings dialog. The
existing Summary code (my-evolution/e-summary-rdf.c in the evolution 1.4
sources) could be used as a starting point for the actual work of
reading/parsing the RDF and displaying it as HTML.

-- Dan

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