[Evolution-hackers] Re: bonobo_main thread ...

Hi Chris,

On Wed, 2004-02-04 at 08:00 -0800, Chris Toshok wrote:
> The extra mainloop thread makes programs that don't use the async api
> possible, when they don't have another thread running a mainloop.

	Hmm; ok - but I'd avoid using bonobo_main - instead run the default
mainloop yourself - inasmuch that that loop is intended for the 'main'
thread to run really - and a number of exit conditions are slaved to it
- and I'm not certain that they'll still work well if it's run

> We still need a mainloop running somewhere, and (trusting glib's thread
> safety when it comes to multiple mainloops running on the same context),
> it's safe if you don't care on which thread your GSource callbacks are
> executed (which ebook doesn't).

	Right; of course - this whole thing sucks; in an ideal world CORBA's
event-loop / event processing API wouldn't blow great chunks - but ... I
guess this is good enough for now if you don't want to have a set of
synchronous methods that implement the behavior too.



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