[Evolution-hackers] Panel notification applet (bug #127516) C interface

A few days ago I started writig the email panel notification applet. I'd 
like to ask a few questions about the notification applet class interface. 
(there is a request in bugzilla that it would be nice to hook other things 
into it (comment #5) - f.x. for calendar notifications (#8)).

UI changes:
I think there could be two configuration options added for actual 
	1) whether the applet is visible at all
	2) whether the applet is visible even if there is no new mail 
(small envelope icon is shown instead of big one).
If there is a new mail, the icon isn't blinking whole time - it blinks two 
times and then stops - icon of big envelope is shown. I think it's less 
annoying and it's more correct according to HIG.

I use eggtrayicon for creating tray icons, so eggtrayicon.[ch] should be 
probably commited together with em-panel-applet.[ch] files.

The current class interface looks like this (except get_type:):
EMPanelApplet *em_panel_applet_new (void);
void em_panel_applet_no_new_mail(EMPanelApplet *applet);
void em_panel_applet_new_mail_arrived(EMPanelApplet *applet);

I have some ideas how to change this interface to be more 'hookable':
1, Add support for more status icons (that's the basic change:). 
	the interface should then change to something like:
	em_panel_applet_new(gboolean always_visible, GtkMenu *context_mnu, 
gchar *inactive_tooltip)
	em_panel_applet_notify(gchar *tooltip);
2, Bind events to the tray icons - put them into eventbox

I'd like to get some advices, if I'm doing something wrong, or if there 
are some feature-requests:).

BTW: I'm sorry for my English, I'm only learning it.

Milan Plzik

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