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Hi all I'm sorry if I'm posting in the wrong place. If it's wrong please
tell me a right place if you know.

I'm not a programmer but a simple sys-admin very interested in Evolution
and it's improvements.

I'm running 1.5.93 on  Fedora. 
My question is: is there a way to add one or more fields in Evolution

This is very usefull when a LDAP server is used to store contacts used
by a company to produce invoices. For example in Italy (may be in every
other country) any company has a sort of ID called "Partita IVA". It's
11 digits integer number. While any people has a sort of ID called
"Codice Fiscale". It's 16 digits alpha-numeric string.
When a society produces an invoice the Partita IVA or Codice Fiscale
must be specified and it's a very important data. I know vcard doesn't
support this kind of data but I think that it should be complementary.

Changinc topic: I have a small bug in activity list view. Where can I
search for solution or where I can submit a bug?

thanks in advance

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