Re: [Evolution-hackers] "Panel notification for new mail" bounty

I would like to try do this task, but I've got some questions before I 
actually start coding...

First of all, is it still actual? And is there no deadline? Well, I can 
see, that this bounty is open, but in the discussion about that bug 
several people (few months ago) stated they'll try it, one of them even 
said he's finished it... Should I understand it so that their patches 
were not accepted?

Miguel sent us some mail directly last week about this.  We were discussing the goal of using e-plugin to hook this in rather than how he's done it now. It is only minor changes to his code to do this once the plugin hooks are defined (which they aren't yet).

Because any patches going forward will have to go into 2.1/2.2, they will have eplugin available, and for this feature, its an ideal mechanism for it.  But it isn't quite there yet.  I guess it also means we wont have to accept any patches to evolution itself for it.

And some questions to the bounty description which is not very clear for me:

Should it be a system tray icon or an applet?
Should it be a bonobo component (as being started from 
Well with the plugin stuff it could be a system-tray/applet like the patch from miguel.  There's also the potential of a plugin which just drops various evolution events onto dbus and then you can have separate dbus things listening in to it too.  Although i know very little about it.
What means that the applet should be "configurable in the usual manner"?
Means you need a graphical ui to configure it iirc.

FWIW i dont have very strong ideas on it going either way.  Miguel's idea looks fine to me as it is.  But with eplugin we no longer need to choose one and run with it, we could have multiple ideas at once even.  I'm not sure how we're going to distribute/manage plugins themselves yet.  With the bounty system there can only be one 'winner' though of course.

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