[Evolution-hackers] Possible bug with e_cal_new_from_uri()?


I am very new to evolution hacking. So I don't know if this is bug or
it's because I'm doing something wrong. 

I was playing around with the libecal test program in
evolution-data-server, calendar/tests/ecal/test-ecal.c, and kept coming
across the following warning message.

e-data-server-WARNING **: e_source_get_uri () called on source with no
absolute URI!

Looking through source to see why this warning appeared I noticed that
in e_cal_new_from_uri() the ESourceGroup object created in there is
unreffed at the end of the function. I couldn't find anywhere else the
ESourceGroup object is reffed before the unref. 

This seems to lead to the case in e_source_get_uri() where
source->priv->group == NULL and source->priv->absolute_uri is NULL thus
the warning message is outputted.

So I was wondering if the unref of the group object is suppose to be

I am testing with e-d-s 0.0.97

Sorry if I've interpreted things incorrectly.  


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