Re: [Evolution-hackers] Suse 9.0 upgrade

hi bob,

Am Montag, den 09.08.2004, 17:21 -0600 schrieb Bob Wood:
> Was working with Evolution 1.4 in a Suse 9.0 environment.  Did a 
> distribution upgrade, and started getting the message "Cannot access the 
> Ximian Evolution Shell".  Tried reinstall, but the Ximian installer, 
> after its process, claimed that there were no Ximian products for Suse 
> 9.0, which seemed strange.

posting only the message isn't very helpful. :-)
start evolution from a terminal window/console/whatsoever and post the
output (there should be an error message in the terminal window) to
<evolution lists ximian com> since this list is *only* for hacking and
development issues and not for user problems.
please also name the exact version of evolution. you can find this out
by running "rpm -q evolution".


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