[Evolution-hackers] First version of planner e-d-s importer in planner CVS

Hi guys!

I have commited a few minutes ago the first version of the new Planner
plugin for importing resources from evolution data server in Planner. It
uses async queries for all the communications between planner and e-d-s.

The code is here:


No it is time to test it a lot, and try to find bugs. Async queries are
a bit tricky.

The main issue I will solve next days will be to import the UID from a
resource in e-d-s to a custom property in planner resource, so we can
sync easily the two data sources.

Also, we have in mind to start following a similar approach to import
tasks in planner from e-d-s, but we are thinking about the details right
now so no code yet.

When we finish the integration using Planner as a client for e-d-s we
will start to think if it is a good idea that planner data could be
offered to the world as a e-d-s backend.


Alvaro del Castillo San Félix
Lambdaux Software Services S.R.L.
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos
Centro de Apoyo Tecnológico
C/ Tulipán sn 28933 Mostoles, Madrid-Spain
acs lambdaux com

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