Re: [Evolution-hackers] (webbased) remote client on evolution's data

I've started exploring how evolution stores it's data.
As far as i found out everything is stored in Berkeley v3 DB-Files.
So that looks to me as if it should be generally possible to 
create a client that visualizes that data.
But since it wouldn't be a good idea to work directly on the 
db-files i need some point to start exploring evolution's interfaces
so i can use them instead of working on the db-files directly.

Any help on how to start is highly appreciated by me.

Grand Apeiron

On Sat, 2004-07-31 at 23:44, Grand Apeiron wrote:
> Hi all,
> since this is my first message to this list i want to start with some 
> thanks to the developers.
> I use evolution since the day i switched my workstations from windows to
> Debian (about 2 years) and like it pretty much.
> I think Evolution is one of the best applications for Linux and 
> an example for how professional Open Source Software can be (and often
> is).
> I never was a power-user of Outlook and neither of Evolution so i cant
> say what functionality i miss here or what i miss there but my general
> feeling makes me like Evolution more than Outlook.
> So, thanks for the good work and keep going!
> Message follows:
> To make it short at first ;). I have the idea to develop a webbased
> client which should provide functionality to browse a user's data of an
> evolution installation. 
> The idea behind that is, that i want to be able to access my mail and 
> contact information via web when i am on road.
> I don't want to start a discussion if that would be a good thing or not
> since i know that there are better ways to achieve that (like setting up
> an IMAP/or whatever server solution). 
> The point is that i just don't want to setup a mail server but develop
> some linux tool for fun ;).
> The problem is that i currently have no knowledge about any of the
> evolution internals (e.g. how data is stored (Berkeley DB?), or how it
> works at all).
> So i don't even know if such a remote client would be generally possible
> or not at all.
> I really hope that some experienced evolution developer here can give 
> me an answer to this and maybe a point where i should start reading.
> Thanks for any help.
> With greetings from Munich/Germany,
> Grand Apeiron
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