[Evolution-hackers] hiding the sidebar


I've been fiddling with ways to hide the sidebar. I think there are a number of good reasons why a user might wish to do this. Let me know if I should make a case...

Currently, the component info widget and component button widgets prevent the pane from completely collapsing.

Personally, I disable the component buttons altogether. I prefer to invoke the apps separately (a la http://lists.ximian.com/archives/public/evolution-patches/2004-April/005011.html). Since the buttons have other issues like http://bugzilla.ximian.com/show_bug.cgi?id=57783, I'll just ignore them for now.

The component info widget uses a minimum size based on the size of the component icon, the length of the info string, and "..." for the location.

This can be overridden by telling gtk_pane to resize and shrink children in e-shell-window.c:setup_widgets(). However, this causes some pretty ugly behavior where the info text overlaps the location text and icon.

I see at least a few possibilities:

 * Use a View menu item to show/hide the sidebar.

      - can just do a gtk_widget_{show,hide} on the sidebar widget
      - it is common to locate similar functionality in the view menu

      - requires the user to understand what a sidebar is
      - can be confusing when multiple panes are visible
      - requires adding more configuration (gconf) parameters

* Set the pane size to zero when the user moves the pane gutter up to or past the minimum size of the sidebar.

      - direct user manipulation
      - would use existing functionality to remember size

      - sudden jump may confuse users

 * Change component info widget to allow more shrinking
   Possibly ellipsising the info label.
   Possibly hiding each label widget when only "..." is displayed.

      - might be the most intuitive for users

      - might be difficult to get right?

Any thoughts?


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