[Evolution-hackers] Team Meeting Minutes (April 21st)

1. JP

JP discussed the 1.5.7 release, Tim tested for two days and we released
on Monday.

JP discussed the bug goals, missed again.  Moving to a more direct
approach on bugs to get certain ones done.  Team discussed other bug
hunt ideas, JP will post some easy fix bugs on the blog.  Discussed
pushing down the GroupWise related bug count.

JP discussed the regressed features work:

a. Support for this and prior and this and future recurrences in the
Rodrigo (work on going in branch)

Toshok (certificate authority dialogs)

c. Pilot syncing
Jeff (work starting)

d. Component information area
Zucchi implemented, needs to hold useful information in the calendar and

e. Alarm Daemon
JP (review done, 1 patch to go in)

f. Meetings

These are the ones left to hand out:
a. Locking in the calendar backends

2. Team

Rodney: HIGification, prep SuSE 9.1 snaps

Tim: Testing of groupwise support, evolution 1.5.7

Gerardo: Usual triaging, bug day

Jeff: Pilot syncing

Michael: NNTP, calendar bug fixing

Hans: Address book editor improvements as per Anna's team

Rodrigo: Recurrence work

Chris: S/MIME CA dialog

Radek: Scrolling, HIGification, icon-theme in gtkhtml

JP: calendar bug fixing, meetings

Larry: "New" dialogs

Siva: Group Wise addressbook work

Harish: Group Wise calendar work

Anna: Done design for this cycle unless specific smaller questions come up

David: 1.5.7 builds for Fedora, 64 bit builds

3. Additional Business
Patch review - lifted on EDS for now, when patch returns it will be
stricter, probably requiring review rather than just 24 hours for
component maintainers.

JP Rosevear <jpr ximian com>
Ximian, Inc.

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