[Evolution-hackers] Bugday

Here it comes again!
For a sweet brief moment, we touched 2800's last week. Thanks to the job
of many of you (special thanks to Andre, whose consistent and high
quality triaging has helped a lot, not only on bugdays but on a daily
basis) and many others of you...
Certainly this has increased the minor/cosmetic count for 1.5, but also
helps to build a healthier Evolution in the near future.
For those of you actually using 1.5 series and willing to test, there's
now a fair amount of bug reports marked with qa keyword, meaning that
it's probably fixed in recent versions but that we were unable to test,
so it's your chance to find if some old bug is still lurking there or if
it was somehow squashed and we have on less in our count.
As usual, I'll be waiting for you from 9:00 to 19:00 CST (UTC -5:00) on
irc.gnome.org#evolution if you want to hang out there and have some fun
and the pleasure of seeing one more bug go away...

Gerardo Marin

Novell Ximian Evolution Bugmaster

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