[Evolution-hackers] no debug in pas-backend-ldap.c


I am trying to fix bug 


I got the debian source packet, inserted[1] some printf in file
pas-backend-ldap.c, but nothing comes at the console!!!!!

Any hint? 

(I suppose I should use the camel_debug variable...)

thanks a lot!!!



func_is(struct _ESExp *f, int argc, struct _ESExpResult **argv, void
	PASBackendLDAPSExpData *ldap_data = data;
	ESExpResult *r;

	printf("Coucou! \n");

	if (argc == 2
	    && argv[0]->type == ESEXP_RES_STRING
	    && argv[1]->type == ESEXP_RES_STRING) {
		char *propname = argv[0]->value.string;
		char *str = rfc2254_escape(argv[1]->value.string);
		char *ldap_attr = query_prop_to_ldap(propname);

		if (ldap_attr)
			ldap_data->list = g_list_prepend(ldap_data->list,
									 ldap_attr, str));
		else {
			g_warning ("unknown query property\n");
			/* we want something that'll always be false */
			ldap_data->list = g_list_prepend(ldap_data->list,

		g_free (str);

	r = e_sexp_result_new(f, ESEXP_RES_BOOL);
	r->value.bool = FALSE;

	return r;
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